The Center for Financial Training

The Center for Financial Training

The Center for Financial Training

Product: US Interactive HTML5 Map for WordPress


HTML5 interactive map implementation – Center of Financial Training

The html5 interactive map embedded on this site is being used for providing the geographical information about Center of Financial Training branches across the USA. As you can see this site works with WordPress and developers customized the entire map for their own needs:
– The entire map color has been changed;
– Geographical content is provided by separate pages for each state.
Today our html5 interactive map allows the visitors of this site to easily find all necessary information about each company branch in all USA states. This map can work with iPhone and iPad or any modern Android mobile device so the interconnection has been achieved.
Center of Financial Training is a large educational company which provides many financial educational courses for its students. This company works almost 100 years and become one of the most popular educational center in USA and beyond.

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