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Product: US Interactive HTML5 Map for WordPress


Displaying the mortgage brokers network with JavaScript WordPress map

Today we would like to introduce you another example of JavaScript WordPress map embedding for the mortgage brokers network website. Mortgage is one of the most interesting subjects for the websites which can really reveal all possibilities of our interactive maps. Regardless of used CMS you can display many types of geographical and statistical information with our map just for a few clicks. For example you can transform your map from simple branch-locator to fully functional heat map without any efforts.

In the displayed example, our interactive map is used on the start page as a navigation element. You can see that by clicking on the state the visitor is being redirected to the separate fully-functional website page with the latest news from mortgage companies of the selected state. This approach improves the website usability and interactivity. Also you can see that the website developers colored the US map into several regions in accordance with their structure.

The interactive map used on the viewed website works with WordPress and can be set up as a separate plugin with fully-functional WYSIWYG editor.

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