Home Insurance Rates

Home Insurance Rates

Home Insurance Rates

Link: http://homeinsurance.com
Product: HTML5 USA Map Locator 1.4

Heat JavaScript map for Home Insurance companies

Our US locator maps can’t be used only for branch network or real-estate websites. There are many ways of providing geographical-related information and today we want to show you one of them – heat maps.

Heat JavaScript map is a good way of displaying many types of statistical information – from different financial rates to different earth temperature levels and it determines the growing demand for this kind of interactive maps from the customers in the whole world. The main principle of heat map working is providing the separate regions by different colors depending on the type of used statistical information. But also you can customize the heat map for your purposes like our customers on homeinsurance.com.

As you can see the webmasters used an original approach for heat map development – they not only changed the color of separate states but connected the database of insurance rates in USA for dynamic information update. It allows the visitors to see the insurance rates in the USA online. The heat levels can change in dependence on the insurance rate.

This heat map is simple to use and to customize like other our products. Any US locator map is provided by a special configuration file (except WordPress maps) in which you can find all configuration information.

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