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Why move away from already perfectly good maps which are based on Flash technology? The reason is quite simple, compatibility with as many devices as possible. As many already know, Flash-based products don’t work on iOS-based devices and never will, that is Apple’s official business decision. Considering how much market share iOS devices have, it becomes quite imperative to find a suitable solution that will work on every platform, now and in the future.
When all things considered, HTML is natural selection, due to being supported on practically every device. From developers point of view, there are some complications in achieving same feel and functionality over all browsers, including older versions of Internet Explorer.

So, the next question is what to use as a format for images. Again, SVG is almost obvious answer due to how easily its manipulated and native support in all modern browsers. We use the great RaphaelJS library to manipulate maps based on SVG images. Couple that with widely used Jquery framework and we have a solid base for a cross-browser solution that will work on all devices without any need for plugins or similar.
Maps also come with a set of API functions that will enable developers for more profound integration and more customization. But, don’t worry, even if you have no programming experience, you can get any map up and running in a matter of minutes, by just simply pasting the code snippets to your websites.

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