HTML5 Maps for websites

Better sales rate

Interactive maps are a perfect way to boost your sales rate and get more leads. Forget about the unnecessary detail level of Google maps, forget about difficult customization! From now on you have an easy and reliable instrument to attract additional visitors to your website.

Better navigation

Instantly embed the colorful interactive HTML5 maps to your website or blog and direct your visitors to local content they search for using a natural and intuitive navigation with the map.

The entire geography of your business at a glance

You have a wide branch network? That’s good! You can display all of them on a colorful JavaScript map of your country or on the world map. You have a network of representatives? That’s not a problem either, an interactive map will help you to deliver this information to your visitors.

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Our interactive maps are designed with the latest technology!

Each our product is designed with the latest technology – HTML5 and JavaScript. It allows our clients to minimize the customization time and don’t worry about visibility on any modern mobile devices including iPhone or iPad.

Locator Maps for WordPress


A JavaScript iPhone/iPad-compatible map for WordPress with lot of settings and fast installation. The best for business websites and blogs!

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Drill-down Maps for WP

drill-down maps

What is the easiest way to present a multi-level drill-down interactive map on a WordPress site? Find the answer here.

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Locator Maps *


An excellent easy-adjustable map to present the georaphy of your business in a functional and eye-catching way.
* for non-WordPress websites

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Drill-down Maps *

drill-down maps

Find our multi-level maps here. Drill-down from global view to local map of a specific region with few clicks.
* for non-WordPress websites

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